About Motherhood Blog… and About Me

About Motherhood Blog… and About Me

Hi there! My name is Mirjam, and as of January I’m a mother to one great little girl.

During my pregnancy and prior to giving birth, I was sure that the baby will change my world, but in no way was I ready for the havoc that followed! I mean, everybody tells you that baby changes your life, but nobody prepares you for the extent of the change! New rhythm and daily cycles, sleep deprivation, social life (or the lack of it) and many many small things you don’t remember the day after… until they happen again.

But the sheer amount of love that you exchange… oh, that is something! That itself is worth living for. So, with baby a bit older, and me starting to work again (I’m a object-model photographer, so mainly work from my home studio), I thought it would be nice to evidence my journey as a mother. I know it may be boring to some, but it will keep me motivated to write and later reflect on my life. I am sure I will learn a lot during this process.

So, who am I? Well, I am a friend of animals everywhere, model-photographer, charming coffee junkie and incurable science-fiction reader. Did I mention that I have an appetite as big as the Empire State? Well…. let’s forget about that 🙂 I enjoy traveling, horse racing and spreading fake news on Facebook. Just kidding. They say I can be inspiring and exciting, but I know I can also be very dull and a bit unstable. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. After my mother died (I was 4), I was raised by my father. So, motherhood is really a new concept for me.

There are so many different details and facts you could take in if you want to understand more about motherhood. If you have a specific goal in mind, however, you’ll want to make certain you always keep at least part of yourself focused on learning the fundamental principles. Information which I intend to provide in this blog will help get you started, but to actually discover more about this subject, you ought to check out one of the many books that Amazon has published about it. It is often an awesome resource that you need to spend time reading if you wish to help your education on this subject.

Never allow your thoughts to be boggled from the amount of studying you have to complete about being mother. It is not functional, or even essential, that you attempt to learn all of the data at this very moment. On most occasions it truly is simpler to accomplish something when you break it down into little actions and deal with them individually. When all has been said and done, you will find that the experience was gratifying, not traumatic, and your good results less difficult to come by. Motherhood can be tough at times, but luckily you can find all kinds of methods and systems you can use to make it less difficult. You will discover websites (such as motherhoodjustgotreal.com) which will present you with additional supportive info; however, in addition to the useful information we’ll offer you , our serious suggestion is that you also head over to one of the many mother advisory centers, if you have an opportunity.

I hope you’ll enjoy my journey!

Mirjam F.

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